2023 Valentine's Day Prep with SafNow

SAF provides tips, tricks and guidance leading up to Valentine's Day 2023! SafNow articles will address marketing, labor, supply chain and more, giving you all you need to tackle the challenges of the holiday.  New articles added weekly. 


Inflation Busters to Ease Sticker Shock
Recorded 01/26/2023  |  60 minutes
Recorded 01/26/2023  |  60 minutes As Valentine’s Day approaches, how do you help your customers’ wallets feel the love? Several industry professionals offered their tactics, which include differentiating products to avoid falling victim to price shopping, adding value to products, and being transparent with customers.
Find an Army of Drivers for Valentine's Day
Recorded 01/26/2023  |  60 minutes
Recorded 01/26/2023  |  60 minutes Delivering hundreds of Valentine’s Day orders within the span of a few days requires calling in reinforcements. But just how florists go about it differs, from asking friends and family to help or working with churches in exchange for a donation, to using a professional delivery service such as Roadie or Door Dash. Here’s how some florists are planning ahead to beef up their delivery capability.