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Does this sound familiar? An employee quits and then you, as the owner or manager, scramble to fill the vacant spot. You post the job, go through interviews, find a good (or good enough) candidate, hire that person and then a few months later, he or she is out the door, too. The same cycle starts again.

What gives?

In this thought-provoking, info-packed session, HR expert Glenna Hecht of Humanistic Consulting will share practical tips on how to break that frustrating cycle, providing insights on how you can hire smarter — and build the kind of team your business deserves.

This session includes 20 minutes of advice and 10 minutes of QA time with Hecht — a popular speaker at SAF’s conventions.

You’ll learn:

  • Ideas on how to write or reframe job postings to attract the right candidates for a particular job.
  • Clues to look for when interviewing and the questions you should be asking candidates.
  • Practical tips on how to bring new employees into the fold efficiently.

Glenna Hecht

Owner, Humanistic Consulting

Glenna Hecht is an accomplished speaker, trainer, consultant, and author as well as a certified SPHR, Senior Professional in Human Resources. She has an impressive history leading HR, Training, and Engagement for major high-growth corporations such as Starbucks, The Levy Restaurants at Walt Disney, Accenture Incubator, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and Marshall Field’s. She founded Humanistic Consulting, to bring this human resource and people expertise to organizations through outsourced consulting, training, and speaking. Glenna knows a great people strategy is measured through execution and results; couple this with her “do the right thing” philosophy and you have a winning combination that has led to significant notable outcomes for her clients’ ROI.


Hire Smarter
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